Critical communications

We are your independent, neutral and competent partner for your critical communications projects

Critical communications networks are needed by the public safety sector, air, rail, road and water transport, utilities, mining, the oil and gas industries, commercial, retail and leisure organisations. All of them need a robust, reliable, resilient, secure communications with cost-effective coverage - outdoor and indoor. Full end-to-end encryption, direct mode and repeater operation, ATEX radios and powerful customised applications are only some important necessary features.

Each single step in such a project requires its respective expert - supported by modern and professional software and hardware – to finalise the project on time, quality and within budget constraints. Defining your coverage, system and other requirements and develop your complete concept, while taking into consideration your budget and initial situation. We are your expert in solid indoor and outdoor system design and planning, and successfully connect your indoor system to the outdoor network. We guarantee reliable and safe communication - everywhere.

Procurement documents, technical specifications, bid evaluation, vendor pre-selection – benefit from our long-term experience to guarantee successful tenders. Covering all the steps in the network implementation process: project management and cost control, support in network infrastructure construction and network roll-out, system integration and commissioning. For the best technical and financial solution.
Undertake everything to make sure your real system corresponds to the planned one - measurements, site & factory acceptance tests.
Optimise your existing network with regards to quality of service, coverage, technology cost, operational expenditure, or any other parameter that you would like us to check.


Transmission Network Engineering, Strategic Consulting & Training
Designing the most cost-effective and flexible transmission network begins with the systematic assessment of existing client infrastructure and requirements of technology, capacity, reliability and security of the network. LS telcom transmission network consulting and engineering services encompass all the essentials necessary to ensure the implementation of cost-effective, flexible network infrastructure.
Extract of service portfolio:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Business case analysis
  • Procurement process
  • Topology planning
  • Microwave link design
  • Site surveys
  • Network implementation services
  • Seminars, training and best practice education
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