We provide the best services to the regulatory Industries

LS has over 20 years’ experience in the regulatory aspects of spectrum management and RF engineering, having implemented some a vast number of automated spectrum management systems of varying complexity all over the world.
Regulatory bodies in over 90 countries put their faith in LS to provide reliable insights into spectrum matters and cutting-edge hardware and software solutions.
In parallel to the increasing spectrum demand, many new, more spectrum efficient technologies have emerged on the market and economics are playing an increasing role in spectrum management. Techniques such as pricing, auctions, trading and dynamic spectrum access have found their way into spectrum management, allowing market players to take a wider role in determining spectrum use.
Unused or underused spectrum is a lost opportunity and the drive for spectrum efficiency is global. The solutions however, have to take into account local issues and sensitivities. There is no “one size fits all” approach.


LS telcom has worked with many spectrum regulatory authorities worldwide and we have an unparalleled view of the various solutions employed. When considering your issues, we can call upon our experience from around the world to ensure that your solution addresses local issues as well as drawing upon the best international practices.

  • With direct access to the latest information from the ITU and other industry bodies, LS is ideally positioned to provide regulators and ministries with reliable, up-to-date information.
  • Our ITU-compliant and scalable SPECTRA automated spectrum management system is well known internationally for its accuracy and reliability, and has been implemented at regulators of various sizes internationally.
  • Some of our recent projects include:
  • LS telcom completes spectrum consulting for Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) and Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)
  • Radio quietness studies for the SKA radio telescope project
  • Operation of a TV white space database system for the FCC in the USA
  • Analyses report on worldwide licensing and usage of IMT spectrum
  • Delivery of a state-of-the-art Mobile Monitoring Station to ARPT Guinea
  • Spectrum consulting: white space management and digital switchover for the Caribbean Telecommunications Union
  • European Commission study: 700 MHz band for wireless broadband services in the EU
  • Consultancy for the review of Type Approval Technical Standards and Procedures, and the Development of Broadcasting Technical Standards for Botswana.


Other services include the development of frequency plans for new wireless technologies, or the refinement of existing regulations and standards pertaining to issues such as type approval and quality of service.
LS also offer modern spectrum monitoring solutions, offering its own OBSERVER monitoring system, but is also able to integrate systems from various other OEMs such in various form factors ranging from civilian to complex military ESM and ECM applications.
Our participation in industry events and close association with the ITU through our ITU-R and ITU-D sector membership enables us to contribute in workgroups involving Spectrum Management and Radiowave Propagation.
Spectrum inventory is on every regulator’s agenda and the reasons to carry out spectrum inventory are numerous.
Regulators need to identify frequency bands in which efficiency can be improved and to identify spectrum sharing opportunities to optimise present spectrum allocation and use and to meet the future demands. Easier said than done...
Many questions arise around spectrum inventory: which methods and processes should be used to assess spectrum use? Which bands and technologies should receive the greatest focus? And how will the inventory inform spectrum policy decisions?
Our team of spectrum engineers and consultants can help you answer exactly these questions. They can assist you in finding the best methods for conducting a spectrum inventory, tailored to your needs