Training programmes

radio spectrum engineering and management skills

Radio spectrum engineering and management skills in South Africa and in the SADC region are rapidly declining as it is a specialised field for which very few courses are available in South Africa and Southern Africa. There is a demand for specialised skills programs in this field of engineering hence the decision to bridge the skills gap by offering training to all interested client in the radio communication industry. Our training facility is of a highly specialised nature and a private sector initiative. The training programs offered are not commonly offered by traditional academic institutions.

Facilitators in their respective fields of expertise provide academic and practical training (if possible) in the field of broadcast, telecommunications and spectrum management. The course documentation is all written in English and the facilitators will provide the training in English.

The objective of the training programs developed by LS of SA Radio Communication Services is to contribute towards the development of skills of upcoming radio technicians, engineers and policy makers in South Africa and SADC. The following training programs have been developed and can be offered:

  • Radio Spectrum Management
  • DVB-T2 Technology
  • FM Broadcast Engineering
  • FM Radio 101
  • Microwave Link Planning
  • Broadcast Planning